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Hello, I am Actovania and I am a 19 year old university student. I created this website to have a place to share my thoughts and interests. I like the way that the internet can connect people and bring them together, many times in better ways than real life ever could. I do not expect this website to have many visitors, and in general that is kind of the goal, so if you are here consider yourself special.
I mostly use this site as a blog, but there are also other pages which you can see linked to the right and on the menu bar.
I am not very good at CSS, so most of the layout of this website is based on a free template from [neo-himeism.net]


25/1/23 Clap button..
15/1/23 Fixed the date!
25/11/23 Fixed images and CSS
11/9/23 Reorganized blog
9/8/23 Added wordmark and favicon
15/6/23 Added this section for updates and status



This page was started on February 11, 2023.
This site is best viewed with a window resolution of 768p. If your resolution is different than this, some of the images will be out of place (Sorry). If using 1080p, zooming in once should fix this.
I am currently using Eastern Daylight Time / UTC -4. I am fluent in English and have some proficiency in French and Dutch. I like playing Nintendo games on my Wii, Switch, and handheld consoles. I especially play a lot of Splatoon 3. I really like watching youtube and scrolling the web.


If you would like to contact me, you can use this form which is connected to my e-mail. It will promt your e-mail service to open, but if you don't use a downloaded e-mail application, or if that is not possible for any other reason, you may e-mail me directly at actovania@vk.com.


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